UAS Challenge

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Challenge has been the Institute of Mechanical Engineers leading challenge in the Aerospace sector since 2014.  

The Institute works tirelessly to ensure a direct link between education and industry, in turn creating better equipped graduates that are to take on the challenges that arise when undertaking projects in the work place.

A great emphasis is placed on visiting schools to promote engineering as a career choice; cementing the future of engineering. 


Year-long project with phased stages of completion that require strict adherence and assessment in order to qualify to compete in the fly-off​.

Teams of undergraduates from national and international universities undertake a full design and build cycle of a UAS with specific mission objectives.

Compete in a final ‘fly-off’ event in the UK.

The Future

High priority focus on safety and technical competence throughout the competition.

Overseen by a steering group of expert professionals in aerospace engineering and flight safety