Our journey

Concept Paper Submitted 

With the start of the competition in full steam. oUFO has now reached the first phase in the competition and submitted the concept paper.   


oUFO Visits Iceland 

Our Deputy Team Leader Mate Horvath visits Iceland. Check out his visit here in this short video.


Engineering For All Conference 

Our journey so far has largely consisted of late-night meetings, rushed conference calls and an inordinate amount of WhatsApp messages to communicate things such as budget, assigned roles within the team and our future strategic plans. However, the Engineering For All conference that we were kindly invited to by one of our greatest supporters from The Open University, Professor Carol Morris. Enabled us to assemble for the first time, over half of our team were present and ALL of the female team members were able to attend. The conference was an incredible experience and really helped us engage with The Open University and thank them for their support and generosity that we’ve received so far.

Seen here in the back row are (L-R) Eamon Tarrant, Mate Horvath and Lavinia Spargo. From the front row (L-R) Tiffany Roberts, Evita Naumenko and Dr Kim Littlewood. We also gained two extra team members from speaking at the conference.


A Few words from our academic supervisor 

After weeks of procrastination, we shortlisted a few tutors to join us our academic supervisor. After a unanimous decision, Dr Kim Littlewood was chosen to join the team. 

here is a few words from Kim herself 

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