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Drones to Save the Planet

Global warming is a reality. We are all confronted with it and we are all responsible for it. The attitude of most people is that the little changes they can make are pointless in the context of industrial giants polluting the planet at a large scale.

It’s true that in a world where carbon dioxide permits are traded like medieval indulgences, and oil & gas giants are happy to lower their carbon footprint in the next 40 years, taking a label off a PET bottle to allow it to be recycled can feel like a futile drop in the ocean.

But it is the twelfth hour and we do not have 50 years to do something about it. We didn’t have that 50 years ago!

This urgency is what spurred Dr. Irina Fedorenko into action. She is the co-founder of BioCarbon Engineering, a company that has bold reforestation plans for our planet.

BioCarbon Engineering have designed a comprehensive system that analyses the soil and plants the most appropriate tree seeds, all with the help of drones and artificial intelligence.

Photo: Facebook - Biocarbon Engineering

The company collects high resolution drone data as well as satellite imagery to gain a good understanding of the surface topology as well as the existing fauna and flora. These are factors that must be considered when deciding what trees can be planted in a specific area. With the help of carefully built algorithms, natural planting patterns are generated and loaded into the drones, together with a mix of tree species. The seeds are launched in biodegradable seedpods and are applied with precision.

For Dr. Irina Fedorenko the planting is the easy part. She believes that the real effort is to maintain and manage the new trees, therefore all the data related to the planting activities is stored on an AI platform that supports the monitoring and further planning of plantations.

This kind of enterprise is what should be headlining now, and this is what the world should invest in.

Scientists and engineers have the knowledge to change the world, and all of us in Team oUFO want to be instrumental to the better future of our planet.

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