Women in Engineering

Women in engineering is a topic that has received a lot of focus in recent years. Equality is often being imposed instead of it being a natural thing.

Filling a certain quota of women within a sector or a company is commonplace but it proves that equality is not yet a way of being but an effort that is being made.


Looking back at history, we struggle to find instances when women have underperformed due to being women. And yet there is a female under-representation in many STEM sectors, and this originates into stereotypes that are cast upon people from young ages and into their adulthood.


Team oUFO want women who are out of the perceived norm, to be the norm. We want women who do extraordinary things not to be an extraordinary thing. It is a world of ideas and with more diverse minds comes more innovation.


We have a team made of a mix of genders, nationalities and ages and this gives us extra powers.

We actively try to inform and inspire children and adults, boys and girls alike, to cultivate a love for the world and the ways we can make it better and more fun through engineering.

This project is not just a drop in the ocean. It’s a drop that makes ripples. We all know that every force has a reaction. So we will put all our forces into action and create a positive reaction around us.


We want to prove that the newer generations do not have gender equality in their minds, they have it in their genes. To us, gender equality is not an equation – it is an axiomatic identity.


This is us – men, women who have bold dreams. We take the power of who we are and we create a formula for a better future.